We're here to help!

At One2OneEnglish.eu, we understand that learning English online can be intimidating, but, we believe, given the right learning environment, the advantages of learning English online outweigh the disadvantages. Whatever your language concerns or requirements, we're here to help! Please feel free to contact us, and we will do our best to resolve any queries you may have.


How practical are One2One online English lessons?

Online individual English lessons have proved to be highly successful. All of my students have achieved their full potential. Many have achieved academic success (FCE, TIE, and TOEIC). Some have improved their (IELTS) scores and gained entry to university. Others have enhanced their employment prospects and passed more practical tests, for example, the Small Public Service Vehicle (SPSV) driver entry test.


The benefits of One2One online English learning are endless and include,

- Undivided teacher attention, facilitating constructive feedback and a greater understanding of the learner’s needs.
- Real teacher-learner interaction. Providing the learner with the opportunity to engage in authentic communication.
- Learner focused lessons, enabling learners to have more input into the aims, pace, and the materials used in the online learning experience
- More opportunities for the learner to use the teacher as a resource, facilitating, questions and answers, models of language, and practise skills.

What do I need to improve my English?

The most important thing you need is, "a can do will do attitude." At One2OneEnglish.eu, learner autonomy is encouraged. We recommend at least 3 hours of self-study per week. Homework is given at the end of each lesson.

How long is each English lesson?

The minimum duration of each lesson is 60 minutes; however, lessons can be extended to a maximum of 90 minutes if required.

Can I have access to the resources used after the lesson?

At the end of each lesson, all resources and materials will be shared with you and can be downloaded using Google Drive.
Lessons can also be recorded and shared with you using mp3 audio files. However, recordings need to be requested when booking the lesson. There is an additional charge of €1.00 per recording per lesson.

Can I book and have a lesson on the same day?

As a general rule, lessons should be booked and paid for 24 hours in advance. However, if there is a cancellation available, it may be possible to accommodate same-day bookings.

Can I cancel a lesson?

Lessons can be cancelled or rebooked. However, notification of cancellation must be received 12 hours before the lesson takes place. For example, lessons booked for 09:00 am on the 1st August 2020 must be cancelled on or before 09:00 pm on the 31st July 2020. If the lesson is cancelled within 12 hours of the lesson taking place, the lesson will be forfeited and classed as a no show.