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At we are competitively priced and have bundles to suit every budget. Lessons start from €14:00 per hour, and savings of up to 20% can be made depending on the package you choose. "The more you learn, the more you save". For more information, please contact

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Course packages to suit your budget. The more lessons you buy the more you can save.

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Kind words from our clients

“During my time in Ireland, I had the pleasure of getting to get to know Andrew as a teacher. His teaching style is very innovative, and he tries to motivate each student in order to get the best out of everyone using tasks and current topics. He has a positive and motivating manner. His learning environment and classroom atmosphere was always encouraging and gave room for mistakes which is so essential, in my opinion. The students were not afraid to ask questions and try improving their English. Andrew managed it well to find tasks to get everyone's attention at the appropriate level of the students, which led to great results. All the best from Germany.”


"Great classes with great results! Andrew took the time to find out what I was looking for and we slowly, but surely, made it to the goals set! I enjoyed every aspect of the classes and would recommend without any doubt!"


“In my position, I am lucky, in that I meet many wonderful teachers with a sharp understanding of what is required in the modern English language classroom and Andrew falls into that category of an educator. Andrew approaches teaching with motivation, intelligence and a preserving nature, all key elements of a successful English language teacher. His genuine interest and student engagement mean that learners are always given the highest level of tuition with real results.”

Jane O'Hagan. Academic Manager.