Terms & Conditions

Last updated: 07/08/2020

At One2OneEnglish.eu, we offer a friendly learner-centred holistic approach to learning English online. However, for things to run smoothly, specific terms and conditions must be adhered to.

1. Be Punctual
To get the most out of your English online learning experience, try and be on time for your lessons. You will be allowed a maximum of ten minutes to login to your lessons. For example, if your booking is for 09:00 am, you have until 09:10 am to login. If you haven't logged in by 09:10 am, your lesson will be cancelled and will be deducted from your bundle.

2. Cessation of lessons
At One2OneEnglish.eu, we realise that one size doesn't fit all and that there are many different learning styles. Whatever your learning style or requirements, we will do our very best to try and accommodate you. However, sometimes at the end of a lesson or bundle of lessons, we may by mutual agreement choose to stop teaching students who are not interested in or suited to learning English online.
Students who are immature or display disrespectful behaviour during lessons will have all future lessons terminated immediately.

3. Cancellation of lessons
At One2OneEnglish.eu, we will do our utmost to be available for 100% of our lessons. However, we are a small start- up business, and on occasion due to circumstances beyond our control lessons may need to be cancelled. If this happens? You will be notified of the cancellation as soon as possible by text. We will then rebook the lesson at a time that suits you. As a result of the inconvenience caused by the cancellation of a lesson on our behalf, you will receive a lesson of 60 minutes duration free of charge.

4. Refunds
As previously mentioned, at One2OneEnglish.eu, it is possible to cancel and rebook lessons. However, we operate a no-refunds policy; therefore, it is recommended that your first lesson should be booked for 1 hour only, giving you enough time to think about studying English online before buying further lessons.